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Tenerife Holidays Remain a Winter Favourite - release

There are few of us in the UK that wouldn’t welcome a week or two of warm winter sunshine, and Tenerife holidays are a safe bet to deliver it.

With some airlines increasing capacity to the island for 2012, and an estimated 12% year on year increase from 2010-11, many UK holidaymakers continue to enjoy a winter retreat to the most famous of the Canary Islands.*

Why are Tenerife holidays so popular year after year with British tourists?

This winter in particular, people are seeing Tenerife holidays as a safer choice for winter sunshine than other destinations such as Egypt and Greece.

With no political unrest on the island and the fact it’s only four hours on a plane from London, it’s easy to see why Tenerife holidays are seen as a safe and convenient option for some winter warmth.

In addition to the above, Tenerife holidays require no foreign language skills. Tourism from the UK has been a mainstay of the economy in Tenerife for decades, so English is spoken by pretty much everyone.

With winter temperatures firmly in the 20s Celsius and hours of beautiful sunshine, why would anyone not want to go on their holidays to Tenerife? Compared to the short days and lack of warm sunshine in the UK, Tenerife provides something of a tropical idyll for many beleaguered UK residents every year.

Tenerife holidays have been in British families for generations. People feel comfortable with it, as almost everyone knows someone who’s been to the island, or they have been before themselves.

In these trying economic times, UK holidaymakers are less likely to risk taking a holiday to an unknown destination, and Tenerife is a familiar and popular choice.

Due to their popularity, winter holidays to Tenerife are affordable from the UK. Every year there’s a great demand for sunshine breaks to the island, and when you get there, you can live very cheaply if you’re on a restricted budget.

When you compare the cost of a week in Tenerife in the winter to having a holiday here in the UK, it matches up very well, especially when you consider the benefits of the warm temperatures and many hours of sunshine.

*source: http://www.breakingtravelnews.com/news/article/jet2.com-adds-capacity-to-tenerife/